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    “Oh, here they are. I knew we ordered them the other week”. “Great, well now we have enough for twice as many trucks”.  Maybe you aren’t familiar with those words. Maybe.  But they are the ones which many fleet and equipment managers say when, after ordering decals last month they get side tracked and the decals don’t make it onto the trucks.  A month passes and there is finally another break in the action. But where are the decals?  Did you order them? Do you have time to find the paperwork? Did you ask  your parts department to order them or did you order them yourself?  No time now to look all over. The trucks will only be in the shop for a few more days.  Better just order more.



    Does that scenario sound even remotely familiar?  Do you know why we can describe it? Because it happens a lot. People intend to do things, get busy doing other things and never get back to the things they started doing. And so, fleet graphics show up, they are put on a shelf till the trucks get back into the shop, and then more decals are ordered when the first order can’t be found.  And by that time the trucks have come and gone again.



    Then, there was that little DOT stop along the side of the road. Suddenly the cost of professional  installations seems cheap when compared with the cost of the fines for inadequate markings.



    We tell you what we can do and what we will do. You decide how much you want us to do. For some, design is all that is required.  For many, it’s production and nothing more. For others, the total package works best.  Design it, Produce it, Install it.  We give you all those options. You decide which ones work best for  your needs and your budget.


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